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New employment and support allowance (ESA) claimants subject to the Health and Work Conversation (HWC) should be aware that if they are asked to carry out a ‘My Values’ exercise then they are potentially being considered for a sanction.

Health and Work Conversation
Following a Freedom of Information Act request, Benefits and Work has received a large bundle of documents relating to the HWC currently being rolled out to new ESA claimants across the country. We’ve published these documents in the ESA section of the members area.

Full roll out of the HWC is expected to happen by the Autumn.

The HWC is a compulsory interview which new ESA claimants will be obliged to take part in at around week four of their claim, long before there has been any decision as to whether they should be in the support group and thus…

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Frank Zola

Notice:If you are a prospective new ESA claimant it is suggested you do not act on the views below, without first seeking independent advice, support and solidarity.  This is because the DWP is a dysfunctional organisation, engages in ‘conscious cruelty‘ and uses a secret penal system. Plus “many claimants do not see…[Jobcentre] work coaches as on their side”
One recommended source of advice & information is AskCPAG.

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[4] Some more questions
[5] DWP’s Behavioural ‘Science’ tools and information disclosed
[5.1] HWC training documents for ‘Work Coaches’
[6] Behavioural ‘Science’, psychological coercion and pseudoscience
[7] DWP’s Behavioural ‘Science’ Team
[8] DWP HWC presentation slides
[9] Views from disabled activists and Disabled People’s Organisations

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A short rant on equality, you make your own mind up.

After yesterdays announcement of the Tories £1.5+ BILLION gift to DUP for Votes, today we learn disabled patients requiring a wheelchair are essentially reliant upon begging. It transpires disabled people unable to afford and needing, an alternative to the NHS 44lb wheelchair, is being forced to raise their own funds to purchase suitable equipment.

The  wheelchairs available from the NHS is not only unwieldy but “manoeuvring the devices risks causing damage” , however the price of a suitable chair can cost Thousands.  Given that disabled people have already been  hardest hit by the plethora of Cuts,  in particular by vast array of issues experienced during those transferring from DLA to PIP  it seems fair to assume many of the 13 million people in UK can not afford the potential £10,000.

It appears that if you’re a DUP MP…

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