I’ve used a Minolta Autocord MK1, alongside the Rolleicord VA MK11 I recently reviewed for over 40 years. I have always enjoyed using it. So much so, I recently purchased another.

You can see a review of this camera, along with image samples, at my YouTube channel here Minolta Autocord Review with image samples.

I tend to favour my Rolleicord for social documentary work and use my Autocord for fine art monochrome nudes and landscapes. The Minolta Rokkor 75mm f3.5 lens on the Autocord seems to shine, in my opinion, when photographing foliage and the human form. As with the Rolleicord, images I have made using it, have been published and exhibited widely.

The price of the Minolta Autocord has been rising sharply recently, in part because photographers have been drawn to its great lens and high, almost Rollei, build quality. Bargains are still to be had if you are patient.

Of all the Autocord models I do think that the MK1 is the best value. If you are looking to invest in a twin lens reflex camera the Minolta Autocord MK1 could well be the ‘TLR’ for you.

If you have any questions – please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Coming up soon – a review, with image samples, of more budget friendly twin lens reflex cameras e.g. Yashica-Mat, Weltaflex, Walzflex, Lubitel etc. I hope to show just what can be achieved with even a lowly Halina A1, with a few little hacks, and an old Voigtlander Brillant. I will also be producing videos showing the possibilities afforded by folding cameras such as the Agfa Isollette, Bessa and the Zeiss Nettar. I have been using film, professionally, since the late 1970’s and still use it, alongside my digital gear, today. I have taught photography and have had my work exhibited widely.

I hope I can use this channel show my enthusiasm for the medium to encourage more photographers to take up film. So, if this interests you, please subscribe and turn on notifications.


I’ve used a Rolleicord VA MKii for over 40 years. It has served me well and images, made using it, have been published and exhibited widely. This, along with my Minolta Autocord TLR – review coming soon – are my trusted work horses. They have never let me down. If you are looking to invest in a TLR and it has to be a Rollei, but you are on a budget, then I think that the Rolleicord VA MKii could well be the ‘cord’ for you.

You can view the video – complete with image samples and usage instructions – by visiting this link Rolleicord VA Mkii 

If you have any questions – please ask and I will do my best to answer them. Coming up soon – a review, with image samples, of my Minolta Autocord TLR.

So please visit my YouTube Channel, subscribe and turn on notifications.

Politics and Insights


Kahneman’s work with Amos Tversky was a key influence on the development of behavioural economics. Kahneman’s friend and colleague, Richard Thaler, built on their body of work, producing the first text about Nudge. Behavioural economics is a form of neoliberal ‘cognitive credentialism’.

It has increasingly informed political justification narratives, favouring the wealthy and powerful, and presenting a case for imposing austerity on the poorest citizens. It is also used to fuel a tenuous, pseudoscientific and neo-technocratic alternative account of the subsequent growth in poverty and inequality, and the political destruction of the UK’s public services.

The Conservative-led coalition instituted the Nudge Unit in 2010. Although now part-privatised, and seemingly wholly unaccountable to the public, it remains a part of the Cabinet office, too. 

A question we really need to ask is who nudges the nudgers?

A leaked dossier, apparently a joint study by the Cabinet Office and Department for…

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