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Contains a segment I totally relate to – this happened to me too:

“I was made to feel incredibly uncomfortable throughout the assessment and there was no concern or compassion shown by my assessor. I was then asked if I had attempted suicide in the past and if so to provide details,” she recalls.

Kirby was also asked how often she thought about killing herself each week, and finally: “Can you tell me why you haven’t killed yourself yet?”

She was left absolutely distraught after the assessment and despite answering questions on suicide was not signposted to any services for further support.

“These questions were not necessary or relevant to my assessment, and my answers made no difference to the points I was awarded,” Kirby tells me, adding that she finds the behaviour of Atos and the DWP irresponsible and extremely unsafe.”

A Genuine MUST & massive THANK YOU…

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Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

A panel of upper tribunal judges has made a decision relating to safety and supervision that Benefits and Work believes could allow many claimants with conditions such as epilepsy, heart disease, dementia and mental health conditions to receive the enhanced rate of the daily living component.

We also consider it will allow many claimants to receive the enhanced rate of the mobility component.

This will include some claimants who lost out due to a recent change in the law relating to planning and following journeys.

Be aware
This is very new case law, although it appears to take us back to very similar case law for disability living allowance (DLA).

We are setting out arguments below that we think are valid and that will allow thousands more claimants to be awarded PIP.

But we cannot guarantee in any way that they will be…

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