Just occasionally, you come across a meme or graphic that is so clear it needs little commentary – and needs to be seen by everyone. This is one.

Theresa May and the Tories are desperately trying even the most cynical and contemptible tactics to deflect attention from their responsibility for cuts in policing and security that have made the UK hugely more vulnerable to terror attack – even sinking so low as to insult terror victims by lying outright about Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude to protecting the people of this country.

If anyone tries to tell you that the Tories – and Theresa May in particular, as the Home Secretary who presided over the cuts – has not put the people of this country in danger, just show them this:

may pol cuts.pngSenior police officers – with unprecedented frankness – agree.

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In the wake of last night’s awful events in London, the 4th most-watched item on the BBC’s website is an interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One that the BBC knows is misleading and has still not corrected.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed in January, Ms Kuenssberg was found guilty by the BBC Trust of misleading reporting in the video in which she presents Corbyn’s comments on the ‘shoot to kill’ policy as if he were saying he would not authorise it in a ‘Paris-style’ terror situation.

He said no such thing.

lk stk.jpgBut the BBC still has not corrected its misleading video – and today, in the wake of the London terror attacks, millions are watching his misrepresented comments.

Howl about this blatant misrepresentation and blatant breach of BBC impartiality – to your neighbours, friends, relatives and to the BBC.

Many on social media already are:

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On Sunday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a short – less than 10 minutes – but towering speech that Sky News covered in full.

And the BBC covered not at all.

The speech is terrifying to the Establishment, because the statesmanlike Corbyn looks and sounds every inch the ‘Prime Minister in waiting’ that they’ve always told us he couldn’t be – and with his personal approval ratings now exceeding those of the Tory leader, it’s clear the country is recognising it.

In the speech, Corbyn stands tall and strong against terrorism, refuses to allow it to change him or cow the country. He holds May and her party to account for their actions that have made this country more vulnerable. He shows a genuine commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the people of the UK that dwarfs May’s and exposes it for a sham. He confirms that…

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